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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

18-12-22: A few weeks ago Yinthe was mated and is now visibly pregnant so we can finally announce our G-litter. The puppies are expected in January but in basicly all puppies are reserved for now!

17-12-22: The last show of this year; the Christmas show in Gorinchem (NL). Gijs and Dax were present again and for Dax it was the last time in the puppy class; he won 2nd place with Very Promising. Next year he will make his debut in the junior class.
Dax is usually shown by Gijs; thank you so much Gijs, you and Dax are a top team!

28-11-22: 11-28-22: The Winner Show of the Netherlands; held in Amsterdam for years, then moved to Gorinchem and from this year in Leeuwarden. So that meant getting out of bed very early for Leeuwarden is not exactly next door (almost 3 hours away). Friday it was the Fryslan Cup in which I did not participate, but Gijs and Dax were present. Dax became a BOB puppy with a nice judgereport. So on Sunday we got up at 03:00 and started driving at 05:00 to arrive in Leeuwarden at 08:00! Gijs and Dax were also there again. Dax again became BOB-Puppy with a nice judgereport. Misha was placed 3rd in the champion class with an EXC. Viva was also allowed to participate again; with her 13 years and 8 months she managed to impress the judge again, who still recognized her from 8 years ago when he made her Best in Show at the VFLD Championclubshow and 6 years ago when he made her best female at the Winnershow at the age of 7! Now she became Best Veteran and got the title "Veteran Winner 2022", her 4th Veteran Winner title!

31-10-22: The annual clubshow of the Dutch minpinclub, always a busy day; organiser, exhibitor, photographer, checking dogs, little chitchat.....always a nice but tirefull day if you have multiple functions. I had 3 dogs entered and Gijs had enterd Dax and Beer. For Dax it was his official debut at the dogshowscene. He became BOB Baby and BIS Baby!!. Beer got VG1 in openclass. Misha got VG2 in championclass. Veera got EXC.4 in championclass. Viva became BOB Veteran with an extra compliment of the judge that with her age (13,5) she still was so showy and moving so nicely!

16-10-22: Yesterday we went to the halloween dogshow of Genk (B). I found out that the judge herself has a couple of miniature pinschers from the famous Russian kennel "Malagris". So it was very interesting to see if she would appreciate the quality of Misha. Her husband was judging in the ring next to ours and occasionally looked over his shoulder while the minpins were judged. Misha became best b/t male with CAC and best male. Very resolute she made Misha also Best of Breed with the words "perfect"! With this win Misha is now BELGIAN CHAMPION!!
In the mainring the husband of our individual judge was judging FCI group 2. There were 34 representitives of group 2 and Misha was pre-selected with the best 6!. Very very satisfied with this result knowing that in this part of Europe the minpin is hardly being seen, let alone pre-selected in the mainring.

02-10-22: Last Saturday we traveled to the dogshow of Mons (B). It was a last minute call after I saw that this judge has judged the minpin on a regular base, also in Finland. Knowing that the quality in Finland is high I hoped this judge knew what to look for in our breed. And fortunately it all worked out; Misha became best b/t male with CAC, best male with CACIB and BOB!

12-09-22: Yesterday we were at the clubshow of Waalwijk. Fortunately it was nice weather because it was an outdoor show. Since it was just a clubshow we entered 4 dogs; Dax, Misha, Veera and Viva. For Dax it was his debut at the showscene. A nice way to practice. But quickly it became clear that he doesn't need much practice at all since "showing" is in his genes. He was not impressed at all by the crowd or other dogs. His result was BOB-Baby with super critics and in the mainring he was pre-selected with the best 6 babies of the show!. Misha became Best male and BOB. Veera won her class but in competition for best female she lost from her mother Viva who became Best female. Viva also became BOB-veteran. And as cherry on the cake she became BEST IN SHOW VETERAN! And that with the age of 13,5 years!

23-08-22: Today it was time for Yinthe to undergo health tests for heriditery eye-diseases and patella luxation. Both examinations were perfect; all FREE without remarks.

22-08-22: Last Saturday we traveled to the dogshow of Mechelen (B) with Misha. Although the judge had nice words about Misha, he only became EXC.3 in championclass.

21-08-22: Last Thursday was they day that we have been waiting for, for so long! Our new kennel member was finally old enough to travel and cross the borders so in the early hours I went to the airport to make the trip to Finland to pick up our Finish prince. His pedigree name is "Aurra Sing Meet Rostelleys New Dream", his petname is "Dax" and he is a very beautiful and promissing red male with interessing bloodline. In fact, in the 5th and 6th generation he is related to our Whisper, Viva and Misha. Dax will be owned by me and Gijs and will live with Gijs, Michael and Beer (Rostelley's Angels Driven By Love. Once again we are very grateful to the breeder Marika, for alowing us to have this wonderful boy. All thanks to the nice friendship we have developed over the years, started 16 years ago with us getting Whisper, also bred by her. And ofcourse we are very happy with the co-operation with Gijs. Without him offering to be co-owner to a male, we would not have been able to take this red boy to the Netherlands.

09-08-22: Today the yearly ECVO eye-examination was sceduled for Misha and again we had a nice result; FREE without remarks!

19-06-2022: "to love is also to let go...." Last Friday we have made the difficult decision to let Whisper go. She had the respectacle age of 16,5 years! She was mostly blind and deaf in the last 1-2 years but that never kept her from reaching her goal and she still enjoyed her daily walks. But a year ago her kidneys began to fail and we gave her medicines for that. We knew that it would only help for a certain period but hoped it would last for as long as possible. A couple of months ago we noticed again that she was losing her apitite more and more. She began the drink more and refused her snacks every so often. These things only got worse as weeks passed by and whatever we try to give her as in different food, she refused it more and more. It was clear to us that she didn't feel well and that there was nothing we could do anymore other then to let her go ......"no longer by our side, but forever in our hearts....."

10-05-2022: Last weekend we were at the dogshow of Gent (B). This time Misha and Viva were entered. Misha was not really the favorite of the judge and got a VG3. Viva has won pretty much all that is possible in our limits but as she likes to show so much I entered her once more. She did great and the judge was impressed by her condition with 13 years. She became BOB-Veteran.

15-04-2022: The covid pandamic seems to be under control and slowly the dogshows are started up again, usually without restrictions, as we have been used too before the pandamic. However we do see that it's not really crowded with exhibitors or visitors at shows. Surely this is caused by the fact that people are still a bit cautious due to the pandamic but it has most certainly also have to do with the rising prizes (due to the Ukranian war) which make people think twice whether or not they should enter for a dogshow. This also applies to us. I will still go to some dogshows but I will be more selective of my choice which show to participate or not.
A dogshow I usually always attend to is Antwerpen (B) which is held in April, in fact last weekend. Misha became best b/t male with CAC and won also res.CACIB. Veera became BOB VETERAN and is now BELGIAN VETERAN CHAMPION.


21-01-2022: A nice surprice we got today from the Dutch kennelclub; as of December 2021 there is a new title; Grand Champion, an honor title for dogs that have won the junior championtitle as well as the adult champion title and veteran championtitle and retrospectively. This means that our Whisper, Viva and Veera are now GRAND CHAMPION!

01-01-2022: A happy and healthy 2022 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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