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07-11-2021: Yesterday the show of KC Dordrecht was organised in Hazerswoude-Dorp (NL). And this year with the "Holland Cup Winner" titles. Under Covid measurements like time slots and QR-code it looked like a show like before the pandamic. The judge was mr. J. Putkonen from Finland. For me always very interesting to show under a Finnish judge since they are used to high quality dogs in their own country. And usually when a Finnish judge judges here in NL we see a lot of VG's and G's are given. Misha won the championclass with EXC.1 and ended up as reserve best male with Res.CAC and CACIB and got super critics! Veera won the veteranclass with EXC.1 and with this result she now is DUTCH VETERAN CHAMPION! She also got the title HOLLAND CUP VETERAN WINNER 2021. She also became BOB-Veteran and reserve best female with res.CAC

25-10-2021: In 2020 de championclubshow of the Dutch minpinclub had to be cancelled due to the covid-pandamic but fortunatelly this year we could go. We entered 4 dogs. Also Payka from our F-litter competed and Beer from our D-litter. Payka got VG1 in juniorclass because way to inexperienced and needed more time to develop. Beer got VG2 in openclass because of his size. Yinthe was entered in juniorclass and got VG4. She needs way more time to develop but I'm more then satisfied since this was her first time on show and hardly had any showtraining but she did great! Veera got VG2 in championclass because of her size. Viva got EXC.2 in veteranclass (at the age of 12,5 years!). But Misha did it; he got EXC.1 in championclass and became BEST MALE with CAC. Judge was mr. Rob Douma. He knows the breed for almost 20 years so can be called a breedspecialist so we all should value his opinion! His message was that we breeders should watch out for breeding our minpins to big! It should not be a goal to get a minpin that has a size between the minpin and the German pinscher!

Misha - Best Male Championclubshow VFLD

10-10-2021: Again we traveled to Genk (B). This time for the Halloween CAC dogshow. And this time we were more succesfull then last time. Better said, finally, afther many attempts in adult class, Misha finally won a Belgian CAC. With this win he started the competition to become Belgian champion. He won the championclass with EXC.1 and became Best b/t male, and best male (BOS). Veera became BOB-Veteran.

12-09-2021: Yesterday there was a show in Genk (B), organised bij de LKV. With time scedule and strict control there was not much time left to prepare ourselfs and the dogs but despite of that Misha and Veera showed themselves like pro's. Veera became BOB-VETERAN with very nice comments. Misha got EXC.1 with RCAC.

23-08-2021: After 18 months we finally were ableto go to a dogshow in Belgium. The Covid-rules in Belgium concerning events are a lot less strict then in NL and so Dogshow Antwerp could be organised with public and mainring. Misha became reserve best male with RES.CAC and RES.CACIB. Veera became BOB-VETERAN.

08-08-2021: Yesterday we participated at the dogshow of KC Arnhem, held in Gorinchem. The dogshow that suposed to be held in June but was re-sceduled due to the pandamic. Up till a week ago it was uncertain if the show would continue but with lots of covid-rules it was a go and we could try to gain some champion points. Because that was the basic idea of this version of the show; a come-show-go concept, without a mainring competition, no visitors and as less contact with your fellow exhibitors as possible. And that was not so easy considering the fact that we all have not seen each other for so long. But then again we should be happy that there are some organisors that take the challenge to organise a covid-proof dogshow!
We entered Misha and Veera. Veera won EXC.1 in veteranclass and became BOB-Veteran. Misha was entered in championclass for the first time and got EXC.1. He ended up as BEST MALE with CAC and CACIB. Also Beer was entered in an attempt to get his final (reserve) cac for Dutch champion but unfortunately he became VG3 in openclass. I'm sure next time luck is on his side!

05-08-2021: As a breeder you can make puppyplans but mother nature always take matters in her own hands! We expected Veera's heat in September and we would have mated her so we hopefully would have had puppies in November. However it turns out she started her heat today! If we do a mating now we would be in violation with the welfare rules of the kennelclub. This rule states (among others) that there has to be a year between the previous litter and the future litter. This will not be the case at this point, even if it's only a couple of weeks to early. Therefore we have decided to postpone the planned litter of Veera to spring next year. We now will wait for the start of the heat of Phoebe, expected in November/December.

26-07-2021: Today we took Misha and Phoebe to the eye veterinarian for their ECVO eye test and both got the result "all clear"

05-07-2021: FINALLY!! After not been able to compete at shows for 17 months (mainly due to the cancellations of the dogshows due to the Covid pandamic) we participated at the first dogshow that was organised this year in the Netherlands; Outdoor Zeeland. Veera had her debut in veteranclass and got EXC.1 with a beautiful judgereport. She became BOB-veteran and on top of that she became best female with CAC. Misha won the openclass with EXC.1 and in the end he became BEST MALE with CAC. With this result he now is DUTCH CHAMPION!! And to finish it all, he became BEST of BREED :o)

18-06-2021: It has been a while since we updated the website with news but due to the Covid-pandamic all dogshows were cancelled and the next litter is planned for Autumn/Winter. That people were missing the dogshows became clear since all over the world virtual dogshows were organised; judging from pictures. Just for fun ofcourse because judging from a picture doesn't say anything about the dog. Me too, "participated" a couple of times in these virtual dogshows. Veera became BOB-veteran twice. Yinthe won BOB-puppy once and Misha won best male twice and 1 time BOB. The most impressive win from Misha was from the "Southern land Online dogshow" in Australia! for all FCI groups In this virtual dogshow he became not only BOB but also Best of Group. Something we will propably never achieve in the real world since in this part of Europe were we join the dogshows,the minpin is hardly ever seen in the mainring! Luckely the Covid-measures are more and more lifted and the first real dogshow is already planned. After all ... a real dogshow is much more fun than a virtual one ;o)

24-01-2021: Finally had some time to give several pages an update; the offspring pages of Veera and Phoebe have been updated with info and pics of the puppies of our E- and F-litter from the end of last year. Yinthe, the female that is living in co-ownership to be a part of our breedingprogram, has her own page. The page "bred by us" has been updated.

01-01-2021: A happy and healthy 2021 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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