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16-12-2018: Yesterday we participated at the last show of this year for us; the Winnershow in Amsterdam. 19 minpins were entered from among others Sweden, Norway and Russia. The quality of the present minpins were very high. Viva met her breeder from Russia, not that she recoqnised her. And also Misha was talked too in his original language, maybe he understood what they were saying to him. Misha was shown in puppyclass for the last time and got a 2nd place with Very Promising. The judge liked both puppies very much but the winnerdog was just a little more matured that Misha. Viva was shown in veteranclass and became BOB-Veteran and got the title "Veteran Winner 2018".

10-12-2018: Yesterday we participated at the Belgian Winnershow in Brussels. Misha got promising in puppyclass. Judge said his movement was too uncontrolable. Viva surpriced us all by not only wining the BELGIAN VETERAN WINNER 2018 title and BOB-Veteran but she also became BEST FEMALE and BEST OF BREED!

26-11-2018: "To love" also means "letting go" ... Today we had to make the difficult decision to put our big boy Gabber to sleep forever ...
We saw him getting older with the typical aging-symptoms but we did not know that his kidneys were slowly giving up on him. Until this weekend when he suddenly got very sick. Several tests showed his kidneys were failing to function any longer and treatment was no longer possible so we had to let him go. He had the respectable age of 14,5 years.
Run free our big boy "Bella", say hi to Wesley for us. No longer by our side but forever in our hearts.

29-10-2018: Yesterday we were at the international dogshow of Leuven (B). Viva became BOB-Veteran and Misha won BOB-Baby.

22-10-2018: Yesterday it was time for our annual clubshow of the breedclub in Holland. It was a busy but very nice day with many puppybuyers. This year I entered 5 dogs. And there were 4 dogs entered that are bred by me. Thank you again to all puppybuyers for presenting your dogs. It was nice to see you all again.
The results; Misha BOB-Baby and BIS-Baby. Veera EXC.1 in breedersclass, Phoebe ECX.4 championclass, Viva EXC.2 in veteranclass, Juultje (Rostelley's Angels Basic Element) EXC.2 in openclass. Charley (Rostelley's Angels All in the Game) VG.2 in openclass. Beer (Rostelley's Angels Driven by Love) VP.3 in puppyclass. Roxy (Rostelley's Angels Dark Edition) "promising" in puppyclass. Roza (Rostelley's Angels Cute and Clever) was entered in an unofficial class where dogs do get a judgereport but no qualification and cannot compete for CAC. Roza got a very nice judgereport with the comment from the judge that next year she should defenately compete in offical class because she has great quality to compete agaist other dogs ;o)

Misha BIS-BABY VFLD championclubshow 2018

16-09-2018: Today at the Belgian Pinscher & Schnauzer clubshow Phoebe became best red female with CAC and reserve best female. With this result she got the title "Clubchampion 2018".

02-09-2018: Today we were at the local clubshow of Waalwijk (NL) with Viva and Misha. It was Misha's debut in babyclass and he became BOB-baby with very nice critics. In the mainring he became 5th Best Baby in Show! Viva was entered in veteranclass and became BOB-veteran, best female and also Best of Breed. In the mainring she came 2nd best of group 2!

26-08-2018: Sometimes in live you get an opportunity you simply can not resist. And so we are proud to present our new member of the pack: "Santa Julf Nokaut", petname Misha. Misha is from the well known kennel "Santa Julf" in Russia. Not only is Misha a very promising looking boy, he is also a great grandson of our Wesley. This already makes Misha very special to us ;o).
Thank you once again Julia for allowing us to buy Misha and your trust in us.

13-08-2018: The WDS-weekend. Or better said the Worlddogshow-weekend. A weekend of 3 shows with the worldchampionships, the Benelux Winner and the Speciality. I only entered 2 shows. And not with the idea of winning any title because with these big shows with so many dogs competing, it's difficult to even win your class. I just wanted to participate for the experience, for meeting breeders that you normally only have contact with on internet, for seeing dogs that you know from pictures. and to learn! Because watching your breed you can learn so much about what is good and what is less good.
Our results: at the Benelux Winner Mira got a VG in juniorclass. Viva got EXC. in championclass and Whisper got EXC.4 in veteranclass. At the Worlddogshow Viva got EXC. in veteranclass.
An extra special moment was that after 10 years I saw the breeder of Whisper again from Finland (Marika Lehtonen).


06-08-2018: After a break of 8 months (among other things to take care of the puppies of our D-litter) there was again time to join a dogshow. This time it was the dogshow of Den Bosch. Mira got 1 Very Good in intermediate class. And Viva became BOB-Veteran and reserve best female with res.CAC.

15-07-2018: Finaly time to do some updates here and there on the website. Having puppies is always taking a lot of your time so no time to update the website but now they are with their new owners for several weeks and so the offspring page of Veera is finally updated. Also we had 2 great weeks of holiday in Austria with 3 of our dogs and we enjoyed the great hikes in the mountain. The other 3 dogs were very much spoiled by my parents ;o). For next year we hope to have 2 litters. More info about the parents will be announced later this year.

15-04-2018: Mission accomplished! Today Satu and Phoebe were at the dogshow of Utrecht(NL). Phoebe was entered in championclass for the first time. She became best female with CAC and CACIB and she also became Best of Breed! With this result she now is DUTCH CHAMPION!

13-04-2018: On April 7th our D-litter was born. Veera became a proud mom of 2 red males and 1 black/tan female.

18-03-2018: Today was an exciting day. Phoebe can finnish her Dutch championship at any dogshow in NL and today she was entered at the show of Leiden. Unfortunately the French jugde did not like her too much and gave her a VG. So Satu will try again at a next show.

18-02-2018: Today Satu and Phoebe were again at the internationa dogshow of Gent (B) with another judge and another opinion; today Phoebe won the res.CAC.

17-02-2018: Today Satu and Phoebe participated at the international dogshow of Gent (B). It was an exciting day because Phoebe was able to become a champion. And they did it!. Phoebe became best red female with CAC and 2nd best female with res.CACIB and with this result she now is BELGIAN CHAMPION!!. Thank you so much Satu for showing our girl to this great result!
Phoebe is the 5th dog that became a champion with me as the breeder and she is the 1st "Rostelley's Angels" champion!

01-01-2018: A happy and healthy 2018 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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