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17-12-2017: Yesterday Satu and Phoebe were participating at the Benelux Winnershow in Brussels (B). Phoebe became reserve best red female with res.CAC.

10-12-2017: It was a nice day with lots of friends at the Amsterdam Winnershow (NL). It almost was a sort of smal kennel reunion; Floris from our first litter, Juultje from our 4th litter and Mira and Roza from our 5th litter where there either as supporter or as participant. Mira had her debut in juniorclass and inspite of little training and first time out on such a big event and impressing showground she did great!. She got 2nd place with VG because she was a little out of shape. Juultje did great as well and got 1st place with EXC. Viva impressed the judge once again; she became BOB-Veteran and got the title "Amsterdam Veteran Winner 2017" and besides that she became reserve best female with res.CAC! In the mainring she was pre-selected among the 6 best veterans of the show but only 3 dogs were placed.

23-10-2017: Yesterday it was time for the annual championclubshow of the Dutch minpinclub (VFLD). This time we entered 4 of our dogs and 2 more dogs from our kennel were entered. We had a great time and super showresults: Phoebe became BEST FEMALE with CAC. Viva became BOB-Veteran and BIS-Veteran. Veera became EXC.3 in openclass. Frida became EXC.1 in championclass. Juultje got EXC.1 in intermediate class. And Mira had her debut in de puppyclass and got 1. Very Promising and Best female puppy.

17-09-2017: Satu participated with Phoebe at the clubshow of the Belgian schnauzer and pinscher club. Phoebe got EXC.2 in openclass. Thank you Satu for showing our girl.

Phoebe "Best Female"
Championsclubshow VFLD (NL)

31-08-2017: A nice and busy weekend is now behind us with competing at 2 shows in Rotterdam (NL). Saturday it was the international dogshow and on Sunday it was the Benelux Winner show. For both days I entered Viva in the veteranclass. And on Saturday I also entered Juultje (Rostelley's Angels Basic Element) from our B-litter. Juultje was competing in intermidiate class and she did great! Without too much practice she performed like a pro and this was rewarded; she got 1st place in her class with excellent and ended up as 3th best female with res.CACIB. Since the winner of the cacib is already international champion, the cacib will be passed on to Juultje so she has now won a CACIB! Viva became BOB-Veteran and also 2nd best female with res.CAC.
On Sunday Viva again became BOB-Veteran and got the title "Benelux Veteran Winner NL 2017". She now also have won enough points to confirm the title "DUTCH VETERAN CHAMPION".

29-05-2017: Yesterday we were at the international show of Oss (NL). Since Juultje (Rostelley's Angels Basic Element) is spending her holiday with us, I decided to show her as well. She did very well and became EXC.2 in juniorclass. A great result considering she has no show experience what so ever!. Viva won VCAC and became BOB-Veteran and reserve best female with Res.CAC. In the mainring she became 2nd BEST VETERAN in SHOW!!

22-05-2017: Yesterday Satu and Phoebe were at the show of Wieze (B). Phoebe became best red female with CAC and won the title "Hopqueen 2017".

01-05-2017: Yesterday we were at the dogshow of Antwerp (B). Phoebe got VG1 in intermediate class. Viva was presented in the veteranclass for the first time and got EXC.1 with VCAC and became BOB-Veteran. In de mainring she was pre-selected with the best 8 veterans of the day.

29-04-2017: This weekend Roza and Mira (pups from our C-litter) moved to their new homes. Since this is Frida's last litter and since her bloodline is very special for us, we have decided to put Mira in co-ownership so that we hopefully can continue this bloodline in the future.

08-04-2017: Today Satu and Phoebe were at the international show of Luxemburg. Phoebe became 3th in the intermediate class with excellent.

26-02-2017: At the international dogshow of Weelde (B) Phoebe became best red female with CAC. Also it became clear that Phoebe will get the CRBSP/KBSPC Junior Trophy 2016 for being the best red junior female of the Belgian schnauzer & pinscher club. The Trophy will be handed over at the anual clubshow later this year.

21-02-2017: At February 17th Frida became a mother of 2 red female puppies. Mother and puppies are doing great. Both puppies are reserved. We plan our D-litter in the spring of 2018 with Veera as the mother.

09-01-2017: The New Year started great for Satu and Phoebe! At the dogshow of Genk (B) Phoebe was entered in the intermediate class for the first time and she got a 1st place with EXC and ended up as best red female with CAC. This is her first CAC in Belgium gained in the first possible attempt!

01-01-2017: A happy and healthy 2017 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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