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12-12-2016: Last weekend we participated at the biggest show of the Netherlands; The Amsterdam Winner 2016. 25 minpins were entered, mostly from foreign countries like Norway, Sweden and even Irland. We had entered 5 dogs. Gabber won EXC.1 in veteranclass and got the title "Amsterdam Veteran Winner 2016". The judge was impressed by his condition on his age (12,5 years). Phoebe got EXC.2 in juniorclass. Frida got EXC.2 in championclass with res.CACIB. Whisper got EXC.2 in veteranclass. Viva got EXC.1 in championclass and became best female with CAC and CACIB and she got the title "Amsterdam Winner 2016". This is the 3th time she won this title, something that we are very proud of!

11-11-2016: Today we went to the eye-specialist with Frida and Phoebe and we are happy to announce that both girls are FREE from the most comon heritable eye-disseases for now.

10-10-2016:Yesterday we were at the anual clubshow of the V.F.L.D. This year I entered 7 dogs. 1 of them is not in my ownership but since I like this girl so much I asked the owners if I could show her and they agreed. It's Juultje from our B-litter. Also a couple of my bred dogs from A- en B-litter were present.
Gabber got EXC.2 in veteranclass. Whisper got EXC.1 and VCAC in veteranclass. Phoebe got EXC.2 in juniorclass. Veera got EXC.1 in openclass. Frida got EXC.1 in breedersclass. Viva got EXC.1 in championclass and became reserve best female. Juultje got 1st Very Promising in puppyclass and became BOB-Puppy and BIS-Puppy! Gino (from our B-litter) got 1st Very Promising in puppyclass. Red and Charley (from our A-litter) got respectively VG1 and VG3 in juniorclass. It was a busy but sociable day and it was great to see some of our bred dogs again.

03-10-2016: This weekend Satu was again on a double show, this time in Zwolle (NL). On Saturday Phoebe got EXC.1 with JCAC in juniorclass and became reserve best female with RCAC. This RCAC will turn into CAC as the best female is already a Dutch champion. So she got her first adult CAC! On Sunday I deciced to support Satu and showed Phoebe myself. She won again EXC.1 with JCAC in juniorclass and became reserve best female with RCAC. This RCAC wil also turn into CAC. With this result Phoebe now is DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION. And with this win she now also have 3 adult CAC's and she is only 12 months old! We are so poud of our sweet little girl. Thank you Satu for all the hard work you do with her.

27-09-2016: This weekend Satu showed our girl Phoebe at the double show of Maastricht (NL). On Saturday Phoebe won EXC.1 in juniorclass with JCAC. On Sunday she got VG3 in juniorclass.

19-09-2016: Last Saturday Satu went to the Belgian schnauzer and pinscher clubshow with our girls Frida and Phoebe. Phoebe won the juniorclass with EXC.1 and JCAC and with this result she now is BELGIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION. She also gained the title BELGIAN JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPION. In the end she became best red female and 2nd best female. Frida won the championclass with EXC.1 and got RCAC.

12-09-2016: Yesterday Satu took our girls Frida and Phoebe to the Int. dogshow of Luxemburg (LUX). Phoebe was presented in juniorclass and got EXC.1 but unfortunately the judge did not want to give the junior title because she found Phoebe too small and lightly structured at this time. Frida was entered in championclass and she got 1st place with EXC and CACL so now she can add one more title to her name LUXEMBURG CHAMPION! Thank you Satu for showing our girls this weekend.

05-09-2016: Last weekend Satu was at the dogshow of Rotterdam (NL) to show our Phoebe. On Saturday Phoebe got VG.2 in juniorclass under a very strict judge from Finland who said that Phoebe was too small but she is 27cm so perfectly conform standard! On Sunday she got EXC.2 in juniorclass with a great judgereport that said she has a nice size! Thank you Satu for showing our little girl, she presented herself beautifully!

30-08-2016: Last weekend we participated at the European Dogshow 2016 that was held in Brussels this time. Finally an edition close to home. 76 minpins from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Rusia and Belgium (among others) were entered. There were some nice quality dogs to be seen. The judge was extremly strict and so we are even more proud of the results our dogs achieved: Bjorn has not been shown for 4 years but for this special show he was entered in veteranclass. His opponents were 5 years younger and ofcouse it showed but he still enjoyed himself in the ring and he got a nice 4th place with VG. Phoebe was entered in a strong juniorclass and she was placed as 3th with EXC. (only 3 got exc out of 6). Frida was shown in a big championclass of 7 minpins and got VG. Viva was also shown in this championclass and got a nice 2nd place with EXC. But Whisper surpriced us all once again; she won the veteranclass with EXC.1 and became best veteran female and with this result she won the title "FCI EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER 2016"!! She also got the title BELGIAN VETERAN WINNER 2016 and BENELUX VETERAN WINNER 2016.

Aurra Sing Whispering Wings

15-08-2016: Yesterday Satu showed Phoebe at the international dogshow of Mechelen (B). Phoebe got exc.1 in juniorclass and got her 2nd JCAC in Belgium. She also became BOB-junior and best red female. Thank you once again dear Satu, for showing our girl.

15-08-2016: A new litter is planned for winter/spring 2017. More info on the puppy page.

23-07-2016: Today Phoebe was shown in Liege (B) and this time she got EXC.1 in juniorclass with JCAC and became best red junior and BOB-junior! Thank you Satu for showing our girl today.

18-07-2016: Yesterday we were at the dogshow of Lokeren (B). Phoebe had her debut in juniorclass and she got EXC.2. What a way to start the offical class; first time out and first qualification Excellent!. Thank you Satu for showing our girl. She did super!. Gabber got EXC.1 in veteranclass. Viva got EXC.1 in championclass. And Whisper got EXC.1 in veteranclass and became Lokeren Veteran Winner 2016 and BOB-Veteran.

24-06-2016: Now all puppies from the B-litter have gone to their new homes. Gino already went to his new home on 28-05. Good luck fam. Vis with this fearless stuborn boy. Today Juultje went to her new home. Good luck fam. Zwagerman with this sweet and very intellegent girl.

19-06-2016: Today Satu and Phoebe were at the dogshow of Uden (NL). Phoebe was presented in puppyclass for the last time. Under breed specialist mr. Douma (NL) she got 1st Very Promising with a very very nice judgereport. And she became BOB-Puppy. Next show she will be in juniorclass for the first time.

16-05-2016: Yesterday Satu and Phoebe were at the dogshow of Wieze (B). The judge was a breedspecialist from Finland and well known for her strict judging. She liked Phoebe very much and gave her a 1st place with Very Promising and BOB-Puppy. This was Phoebe's last show in puppyclass. Soon she will make her debut in juniorclass.

24-04-2016: Today Satu participated with Phoebe at the puppy/junior/veteran show of dogclub Lovanium in Belgium. Phoebe got a 1st Very Promising and a very nice judgereport.

28-03-2016: On 21-03-2016 our B-litter is born. Veera gave birth to 1 red male & 1 red female. Both mother and babies are doing just fine.

14-03-2016: Yesterday Satu went to the show in Genk (B) with our girls Frida and Phoebe. For Frida it was her debut after her puppybreak and she did great!She became reserve best b/t female with res.CAC. Phoebe charmed a lot of people with her expression including the judge and became BOB-Baby. Thank you Satu for showing our girls!

24-02-2016: Last weekend we were at the international dogshow of Gent (B). I had two dogs entered and also Phoebe and Red from my last litter were present. For Red it was his debut in the showring and he did great. He got very nice critics from the judge and got a 1st place in babyclass with very promising. Phoebe got also very promising with 1st place and then brother and sister had to compete against each other for best of breed baby and it was Red who won! Huge congrats to owner Eva. You did a great job! Whisper got also nice critics from the judge and became BOB Veteran. Viva became best b/t female with CAC, best female with CACIB and also became Best of Breed.

15-02-2016: Yesterday we were at the biggest all breed clubshow of the Netherlands in Waalwijk (NL). Little Phoebe made her debut in the showrings at the age of 4,5 months and started in the babyclass. And she did so great! Not intimidated by all those dogs and people at all and she absolutely liked to be in the ring. She got super critics from the judge and became 1 Very Promising and BOB-Baby. Later on she competed in the mainring for BIS baby and again she showed herself like a pro. She was pre-selected with the best 8 babies and in the end she became 3rd BEST BABY IN SHOW!! What a way to start the show carreer! Let's not forget the results of our other dogs; Gabber became BOB-Veteran. And Viva became 2nd best female.

01-01-2016: A happy and healthy 2016 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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