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23-12-2012: The photo-gallery of each dog has been updated with some new pics (finally ;o)...)

17-12-2012: At the last show of this year, the Christmas show of Wijchen (NL), we ended the showyear in style; Gabber became BOB-Veteran and also reserve best male with res.CAC. Wendy won the Junior CAC and also became reserve best female with res.CAC....the first 1/4 point in our attempt to get little Wendy a Dutch champion ;o)

10-12-2012: Yesterday it was time for the "Belgian Winner show". This year it was set to give CAC in each class. You would expect to have lots of entries with this unique chance of winning cac's. But the amount of 18 entered minpins was somewhat disappointing. Nevertheless it's a nice competition so I did not expect anything. But at the end of the day we returned home with 2 winnertitles: Gabber was Best Veteran and BOB Veteran and won the title "Belgian Veteran Winner 2012". Frida became best junior female and won the title "Belgian Junior Winner 2012". She also became BOB Junior. She was perfectly handled by her co-owner Satu. They make a super team :o). This time Viva had to settle with a class winning and CAC ;o)

Belgian Junior Winner 2012:
Forever Wings of Hope van Majori's Donk

26-11-2012: Unexpected super results from the "Amsterdam Winner Show". This time there were 25 minpins entered...a huge number for Dutch terms. And at the end of the day I returned home with 3 Winner-titles!!
Bjorn was presented in the veteranclass. He is already 10,5 years old now but did pretty well which resulted in the title "Amsterdam Veteran Winner'12" :o).
Frida and Wendy were presented in a big juniorclass of 6 dogs in total. Wendy got VG but Frida gave me the second surprise of this day; she was chosen as best junior female and so she got the title of "Amsterdam Junior Winner'12" :o). Thank you so much Satu for showing our girl so well. You both are a super team!!!
Viva was presented in the championclass. Judge had a hard time making a choice but she chose Viva in the end as winner. In the best female competition Viva was chosen very quickly as best female and so she won the title of "Amsterdam Winner'12". And on top of that she also became BEST of BREED!!

19-11-2012: This weekend Satu and Frida were at the INT. dogshow of Kortrijk (B). Frida became BOB-Junior :o). Thank you Satu for showing our girl so well!

05-11-2012: Again we were at a show this weekend. This time the Int. dogshow of Bleiswijk (NL). Wendy was presented in the juniorclass and got VG1....judge gave a nice report but found her too small...hmmm...oké yes she is only 26cm but this is still within the limits of the breed-standard.
Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and was also chosen as Best of Breed. In the mainring she was chosen as 6th BEST IN GROUP.....YEAHH :o)

29-10-2012: This weekend we were at the int. dogshow of Leuven (B) and we had a great time. We had a small litter reunion since Floris, Frida and Wendy were all there :o). It was great to see them all together again. I was allowed to show Floris and it was his first time out in juniorclass and he did great. He got EXC.1 and became BOS-Junior. Frida and Wendy competed in the same class for this once and Frida was the better one this time. She got EXC.1 and became BOB-junior. Wendy had to settle with VG2 this time. Gabber surprised us all: Not only did he became BOB-Veteran with complements from the judge for his condition. But he also became 4th BEST in SHOW VETERAN!!!

22-10-2012: Yesterday we were at the show of Utrecht (NL). Gabber once again impressed the judge by his great outlooks and condition at his age and he became BOB-Veteran and reserve best male with Res.CAC. Frida was presented in juniorclass for the 3rd time and again she won her class and got the JCAC. With this result she now is DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION!! And she is only 12 months old :o). Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and was chosen as BEST of BREED!

16-10-2012: At the show of Dortmund (D) I took 4 dogs for eye-screening and all were with "FREE" results. Dogs that were screened are Gabber, Viva, Wendy and Frida

15-10-2012: Very tiresome but more then successful weekend behind us. On Friday Satu brought Frida to me and on Saturday I and my dogs left to the double show of Dortmund. Saturday was the day of the "Bundessieger" (the winner show of Germany). It was nice to see new faces and old friends, mainly from abroad. The judge was extremly strict but was happy with my dogs. Frida won the juniorclass and her very first official title: "BUNDESJUGENDSIEGER 2012". Viva really impressed the judge. He said "boah...what a beauty" :o). Very convincing she won her class and became Best Female and won the title "BUNDESSIEGER 2012". In competition of BOB it was a tight call but Viva got the honors :o).
On Sunday it was the National dogshow of Dortmund. Again we had a judge that was extremly strict; out of 17 competing minpins, only 3 were awarded with "Excellent". And 2 of those were my dogs ;o). Frida became 2nd with Excellent in juniorclass. Once more Viva impressed the judge. He said.....finally I see a beautifull dog, I was already getting desperate...."! More then convincing she won her class and ended up as Best Female and Best of Breed!
So...full of happiness and very proud I drove back home with 2 x BOB, 1 x Bundesjugendsieger and 1 x Bundessieger results :o)

08-10-2012: Again we had a very busy weekend with 2 shows. On Saturday we were at the Nat. show of Zwolle (NL). We did not have the best weather for a partly outdoor show. Inspite of this we had some nice results: Wendy was VG3 in juniorclass. Gabber became Best Male with CAC and BEST of BREED. He also became BEST VETERAN of BREED!
On Sunday it was time for our annual championclubshow of the Dutch minpin club (which also involves the Austrian- and Affenpinscher). This time I had entered 4 dogs: Gabber impressed the judge by his young appearance inspite of his veteran age which resulted in a Reserve Best Male with Res.CAC and BOB-Veteran. Later that day he was chosen as BEST IN SHOW-VETERAN!!
Wendy was EXC.2 in juniorclass, Viva was EXC.2 in championclass, Frida was EXC.1 in breedersclass.

02-10-2012: A busy weekend with 2 shows but it was all worth it! On Saturday we were at the KSA show of Castrop-Rauxel (D). Here Gabber won his first Vet-CAC in Germany. Wendy won the juniorclass and got the J-CAC. Viva won her class too and got VDH-CAC, PSK-CAC and KSA. With this result she now is GERMAN VDH CHAMPION, GERMAN PSK CHAMPION and PSK KLUBSIEGER!!
A day later we were at the int. dogshow of Maastricht (NL). Frida won the juniorclass convincingly and got her 2nd J-CAC. Viva became Best Female and BEST of BREED!!

10-09-2012: Gabber made his debut in veteranclass in Holland and won his first "Veteran-CAC" and became BOB-Veteran. Besides that he won the res.CAC. Wendy made her debut in juniorclass in Holland and inspite the fact she was the smallest in size and youngest in age of all 4 juniorfemales of this day, she was placed as 2nd with Excellent. A very nice result I must say :o).

06-09-2012: Finally an update: while we were enjoying our holiday in Austria, Frida made her debut in the juniorclass in several countries. First of all she was presented in Belgium at the show of Mechelen where she was awarded with 2U. A week later she made her debut in Holland at the show of Rotterdam. Here she won the juniorclass with J-CAC and on top of that she became Best Female with CAC! A day later she was presented again in Belgium at the show of Mons where she became BOB-Junior. In the mainring she was chosen as 3rd best junior dog of FCI group 2! And she also became Best Junior dog of the Belgian Pinscher & Schnauzer specialty show which was held at the same time. In Luxembourg she was presented in juniorclass and was placed 5th with Exc.
What a dreamstart for our young girl!! Thank you so much Satu, for presenting Frida at all these shows....you are the best!!

16-07-2012: Yesterday we participated in the FCI group 1 & 2 show of lokeren (B). This time I had entered 3 dogs; Gabber had his debut in veteran class after an absence from show for 2 1/2 years. But he did great and got nice compliments from the judge for the way he looked and his condition at this age (8 years). He became BOB-Veteran and got the title "Lokerse Veteran Winner 2012".
Wendy was shown in junior class for the first time and she too did great. She first became best b/t junior female with "Excellent" and later on she even became BOB-Junior and got the title "Lokerse Junior Winner 2012". First time out in juniorclass and starting with the qualification "Excellent"....boy..we are so proud of our little girl :o)
Viva became best b/t female with CAC en won the title "Lokerse Winner" and was later on chosen as BEST of BREED!!

02-07-2012: At the show of Genk (B) we were present with 4 dogs. Viva was entered but also all "Forever Wings" puppies were there. For them it was the last time out in puppyclass since they are almost 9 months old and ready for starting in official classes.
Viva won CAC and res.CACIB. Although Floris doesn't have much experience in showing, he presented himself well and became BOS-Puppy with Very Promising 1. Frida ended up with Very Promising 2 behind her sister Wendy who became BOB-Puppy. In the mainring she ended her showcareer in puppyclass with style: She was chosen as "4th BEST PUPPY IN SHOW"!!!

25-06-2012: At the show of Uden (NL) Wendy became Best puppy of Breed with an excellent judgereport :o)

11-06-2012: After a small break from the shows, it was time to join in again and we did it with style: In Lommel (B) Frida was shown in puppyclass and became BOB-puppy. Thank you Satu for presenting her at this show!
I was in Hulten (NL) and Viva became Best female with CAC/CACIB and became Best of Breed!! Wendy gave us the biggest surprise: She not only became BOB-puppy with very nice critics. She also was chosen as "3rd BEST PUPPY IN SHOW"!!!

29-04-2012: Yesterday Satu and Frida travelled to the int. dogshow of Amiens (France). Although rain kept falling from the skies on a regular base, the show was held partly outdoors and so was the judging ring of the minpins. But Frida did not mind at all, she presented herself in the best way possible and ended up as BOB-Puppy with excellent critics! THANK YOU Satu for presenting her so well :o)

23-04-2012: Due to some changes in future plans it has been decided in good agreement that Viva will stay in our kennel (and not go to Finland as agreed earlier) and that my dear friend Marika will give up her part of the co-ownership. THANK YOU Marika for giving me the opportunity to keep Viva nearby :o)

13-04-2012: Yesterday Viva gave birth to 2 beautiful pups: 1 male and 1 female. Unfortunately they were only allowed to live for a few hours :o(

19-03-2012: 5 weeks ago Viva and I made a trip to Helsinki to meet beautiful Golan me beit Ha'Maayan. Thank you once again to Marja-Leena Kurvinnen from kennel "A'Dreams" for letting me use Golan. Last week it was confirmed by ultrasound that Viva is pregnant :o). Puppies are expected half April.

05-03-2012: We drove all the way to the show of Groningen (NL) to present Wendy in babyclass! How crazy can one be. But I'm happy that I did because Wendy became BOB-Baby and was pre-selected in the mainring with the 7 best babies of the show.
In Belgium Frida was shown at a puppy- and veteranshow and also became BOB-Baby with nice critics from a strict German judge. Huge congrats to co-owner Satu and thank you for showing her!

28-02-2012: At the show of Gent (B) our babies did again very well; Frida ended up as BOB Baby and was even pre-selected in the mainring with the best 15 babies of the show (and there were many many babies in the mainring). Wendy became 2nd behind her sister. Viva won the res.CAC.

12-02-2012: At the show of Genk (B) our babies had nice time together and had a lot of practice. Wendy ended up as 2nd best baby female and Frida became 3rd best baby female, both with the qualification "Very Promising".

06-02-2012: At the show of Eindhoven (NL) it was like a kind of reunion of the "Forever Wings" litter. All 3 babies were present. For Floris and Wendy it was their debut in the showring. And what a debut it was: I had the honor to present Floris and he did great. He won BOS-Baby with excellent critics from the judge. Wendy presented herself like a pro and impressed the judge. She became BOB-Baby with also excellent critics. Frida was too playfull and had more interest in playing with her sister and became 2nd best baby female but also had very nice critics. Thank you Jos for coming to this show and for giving me the opportunity to show Floris. Thank you Satu for presenting Frida.

29-01-2012: Frida was shown yesterday at the INT. dogshow of Mouscron (B) and became Best female baby with very nice critics! Thank you Satu for showing her so well :o).

23-01-2012: At the All Breed open show of KC Waalwijk (NL) Viva became Best Female. Bjorn became BOB Veteran and Gabber was shown again after a long time and won EXC.1.

10-01-2012: A new year has began. Hopefully it will be just as fun and successful as last year. We did make a nice start already:
At the int. dogshow of Hoogstraten (B) Viva won CAC and res.CACIB. Frida made her debut in babyclass (she is now 3 months old) and got Very Promising and became BOB-Baby.

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