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30-12-2011: We have decided that Wendy (Forever Wings of Luck v. Majori's Donk, daughter of our Whisper) will stay with us :o)

18-12-2011: At the Belgian Winnershow we had some great results to end this show-season; Viva became best female with CAC/CACIB and got the title "Belgian Winner 2011". This is the second time in a row she got this winner-title in Belgium. And with winning the CAC she also became BELGIAN CHAMPION!! On top of that she became Best of Breed!! Bjorn finished the show-year with another BOB-Veteran.

11-12-2011: After an absence of 14 weeks from the show-scene due to the birth and raise of the puppies of Whisper, we were "back in business" at the Christmas show of Wijchen (NL). Bjorn became BOB-Veteran but Viva went "all the way": she became best female with CAC/CACIB and also became BOB. With this result she is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!

29-11-2011: We proudly present our new female: Forever Wings of Hope v. Majori's Donk, aka Frida, which is a daughter of our Whisper. (see "females"). She will be co-owned with Satu Peltoniemi. THANK YOU Satu for taking good care of her and making this possible!
Also we added some new info under "Offspring Whisper" with pictures of the pups as they are now.

03-10-2011: Today our Whisper gave birth to 2 females and 1 male. Mom and babies are doing fine ;o)

26-09-2011: Today our Gabber became a father for the first time. See "offspring Gabber" for more info.

23-09-2011: Unfortunately we had to search for another partner for the upcoming litter of Viva but we have found a very nice new male. His name is "Golan me beit Ha'Maayan" owned by Marja-Leena Kurvinnen from kennel "A'Dreams" in Finland. (see puppy info). THANK YOU MARJA-LEENA FOR LETTING ME USE GOLAN IN MY BREEDING PLANS :o)

04-09-2011: From the 1st untill the 3th of September I spent the days in Leeuwarden to join the European dogshow and connecting shows. I enjoyed myself very much seeing old and new faces, many nice dogs from Norway and Russia and on top of that my doggies gained some surprising but wonderful results!
At the Pinscher & Schnauzer Breed Specialty Viva won EXC.2 in Intermediate class after her halfsister "Semper Ante Don't Worry Be Happy". Bjorn won BOB-Veteran and on top of that he became BIS VETERAN!!
At the Nat. show of Leeuwarden Viva was again EXC.2 in Intermediate class after her halfsister. Bjorn continued to be succesfull and won again BOB Veteran. The judge was so charmed by his still present quality at his age that she made him RESERVE BEST MALE with Res.CAC!!
And then the "European Dogshow": Viva was again EXC.2 in Intermediate class, this time before her halfsister ;o). But I was happy with this result since the judge was very strict! But Bjorn did something that I could only dream of: after 10 years of showing minpins and 2 times being very close to either a worldtitle (with Wesley) or European title (with Gabber), Bjorn finally made my dream come true:

Bjorn van Majori's Donk

25-07-2011: At the Pinscher/Schnauzer clubshow of Dormagen (D) we got some great results inspite of the weather: Bjorn was presented in veteran class before a judge that we had before when Bjorn was still a junior and the judge recognized him immediately! He was pleased to see he still was in such a good shape and condition with much quality and that he still enjoyed being shown. He became Best Veteran Male and is now also "GERMAN VETERAN CLUB CHAMPION" :o). Viva won the championclass with CAC-VDH-KSA-ISPU and became Best Female!

18-07-2011: At the outdoor show of Lokeren (B) Bjorn became BOB-Veteran and got the daytitle of "Lokerse Veteran Winner 2011". The judge was very pleased with him and said he looked "fantastic for his age" :o). Viva became Reserve Best Female with Res.CAC. But because the winner female is already Belgian Champion the CAC will be passed on to Viva.

02-07-2011: Today at the outdoor show of Echt (NL) the judge was not really impressed by Viva's looks. She got a VG this time.

14-06-2011: To become a champion in Holland the dog needs to be 27 months of age and depending on the amount of cac's that have already been won the dog needs to win either 1 x cac or 1 x reserve cac after this age. At the International show of Arnhem Viva was precisely 27 months and so this was her first chance to become Dutch champion. And she took this chance with all her paws! She became Reserve Best Female with Res.CAC and Res.CACIB and this result was enough to be called DUTCH CHAMPION from now on :-)

03-06-2011: Sometimes things do not always go according to plan.....I had to make some changes in my puppy-planning (see "puppies")

30-05-2011: At the International dogshow of Oss (NL) Viva became Best Female with CAC and CACIB.

16-05-2011: At the International dogshow of Goes (NL) Viva became reserve best female with Res.CAC and CACIB.

27-04-2011: Today, on his birthday, Bjorn became father of 1 red male at kennel "vom Feengarten" in Germany. Mother is Cinderella von den Dinkelwiesen. We congratulate Kurt and Hilde Hausmann with their first litter and hope that little Arthur will grow out to be a nice strong male :o)

18-04-2011: This weekend I was at the International dogshow of Antwerp (B). Unfortunately there was a change of judge which I was not happy with since I had this judge before and he did not like Viva at that time. But since I was already at the show and payed the money I just gave it a try anyway but the opinion of this judge had not changed; Viva got her 2nd Very Good in her career (both from the same judge). Bjorn did very well at the other hand; he became BEST VETERAN of BREED :o)

21-03-2011: At the International dogshow of Hazerswoude (NL) Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and also became BEST of BREED!!

06-03-2011: At the International dogshow of Groningen (NL) Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and won the day-title "Groningen Winner 2011".

20-02-2011: A new head-picture is added to the page of Gabber (thank you to Kurt Pas, www.hondenfotograaf.be)

13-02-2011: At the International dogshow of Rheinberg (D) Viva became Best Female with CAC/VDH and CACIB and got the day-title "Rheinland Winner 2011".

07-02-2011: At the International dogshow of Eindhoven (NL) Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB.

30-01-2011: At the International dogshow of Mouscron (B) Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB. Bjorn became BOB-Veteran and later in the mainring he was chosen as "2nd Best Veteran of the Day"!!

19-01-2011: In December of last year Gabber and Viva posed for a Belgian dogmagazine called "Woef". As soon as I have the original pictures I will update the photo gallery :o)

18-01-2011: The first show in the new year is usually the "all breed open show" of Waalwijk (NL). After a break of almost a year Whisper was shown again and got EXC.1 in open class. Viva became Best Female and Bjorn became BOB-veteran.

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