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21-12-2010: At the very last dogshow of this year, the Belgian Winner show, Viva ended this showyear with another super result; She became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and got the tilte "BELGIAN WINNER 2010".

Belgian Winner 2010:
Semper Ante Forget Me Not

14-12-2010: At the Christmas show of Wijchen (NL) Bjorn won Reserve CAC en became BOB Veteran. The judge was not so charmed by Viva this time, she got VG!

29-11-2010: This weekend it was time for the biggest dogshow in Holland; the "Amsterdam Winner show". Viva did an amazing thing by becoming Best Female with CAC/CACIB and won the title "Winner Amsterdam'10"! There was also a small family-reunion at this show; Alena and Jaana from kennel "Via Bohemica" also participated and had among others Bjorn's daughter Hvezdule with them (Až Ke Hvězdám Via Bohemica). So nice to see so much resemblance in father and daughter :o)

22-11-2010: Yesterday we had the clubshow of our breedclub and Bjorn showed that he still can compete with the younger ones; he was entered in veteranclass won VET-CAC and became BOB Veteran. But more importantly he managed to become "BEST MALE"!! In the mainring he became BEST IN SHOW VETERAN!! And with this win he has been qualified for competing at the "Dog of the Year show for Veterans 2010".

19-11-2010: Today we received very sad news from Finland; Santra (A'Dreams Black Enigma), the mother of Whisper has passed over the rainbowbridge... She was only 8 years old, just like Wes! Much much too young to leave this world! Santra was one of the most successful minpin in Finland and left some very nice offspring. We wish Marika and her family lots of strength to deal with this great loss. We know what it is like....

08-11-2010: At the International dogshow of Bleiswijk (NL) Viva did it again; she became Best Female with CAC/CACIB!! Bjorn became BOB Veteran and also managed to become Reserve Best Male with Res.CAC!!

02-11-2010: At the International dogshow of Leuven (B) Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and Best of Breed! In 5 weeks time she gained 4 CACIB's in 3 different countries :o).

25-10-2010: At the International dogshow of Utrecht (NL) Bjorn became BOB-veteran. Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and also Best of Breed. In a VERY large FCI group 2 she got the 8th place :o). This was very much a surprise because the minpin is not very popular in the mainring.

19-10-2010: We had some amazing results at the National show and Bundessieger show (= German Winner show) in Dortmund: At the Nat. show Bjorn became BOB-Veteran and Viva won her class with CAC/VDH. At the Bundessiegershow Bjorn again became BOB-Veteran. But Viva took it all!!...first she won her class with CAC/VDH, then she became Best Female with CACIB and she got the title "Bundessieger 2010" and on top of that she also became BEST of BREED!!!

10-10-2010: At the International dogshow of Zwolle (NL) Bjorn became BOB-veteran and is now DUTCH VETERAN CHAMPION!!

05-10-2010: At the Pinscher/Schnauzer clubshow of Castrop-Rauxel (D) we were very successful again! Viva won her class with CAC and later became Best Female and BEST of BREED. In the mainring she was pre-selected with the best 6! Bjorn became BOB-veteran and 2nd BEST in Show Veteran!!

27-09-2010: At the INT. dogshow of Maastricht (NL) Viva became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and on top of that became BOB!! Bjorn became BOB-Veteran!

16-08-2010: Yesterday we were at the Pinscher & Schnauzer clubshow of Köln (D). The weather was terrible and very wet but in the end we went home with 2 new champion titles and a BOB :o). Bjorn was placed 1st in Veteranclass and won his final Veteran-CAC so now he is GERMAN VETERAN CHAMPION!! Viva won the juniorclass with EXC.1 and JUN-CAC and with this result she became GERMAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!! On top of that she became BEST of BREED!!

25-07-2010: At the international dogshow of Luik (B) only Viva participated this time and she won Res.CAC and Res.CACIB.

19-07-2010: At the national dogshow of Lokeren (B) Bjorn became BOB-Veteran and won the title "Lokerse Veteran Winner 2010". Viva won her class with EXC.1

27-06-2010: SUPER news from the worlddogshow in Denmark: Our Wesley's daughter (and Whisper's sister) "AURRA SING WICKED WITCH" became WORLDCHAMPION 2010 !!!! With this result Wiwi made history again by being the first Finnish bred minpin who wins this title! Huge congrats to owner Susa (kennel Didaktic's) and breeder Marika (kennel Aurra Sing) for this SUPER result! We are very happy and extremely proud of Wiwi :o)

Wiwi & proud breeder Marika Lehtonen

20-06-2010: At the international dogshow of Uden (outdoors) Bjorn was competing in veteranclass and won his first Veteran-CAC in Holland and became BOB-Veteran. Viva had to accept an EXC.2 in Intermediate class this time ;o)

30-05-2010: If there is anything that I have learned this weekend is to listen to your "inner feelings". Yesterday it was day 64 of Whisper's pregnancy and there was no sign what so ever that something was wrong. She was happy, felt good, ate and drank well. Also the fact that she was kind of "late" was no reason for concern since it is not so uncommon to have a longer period of pregnancy when there is a small litter expected. Many colleague breeders and friends from all over did tell me not to worry and just wait. But somehow I felt restless inside and so yesterday morning I took Whisper to the vet. Better one visit too much than one visit too less. After the vet did his check-up and heard my story there was no reason for him as well to think something was wrong. To reassure me he performed an ultrasound......it showed that Whisper had only 1 puppy with her and it was dead! :o(. With Caesarean operation the puppy was taken out. It was a beautiful baby-boy, fully grown and by the looks of the placenta it only recently died (that morming, the night before or the evening before). Also the uterus looked normal so she will be able to have babies in the future. But the most important thing is that she will recover from this operation and will get better soon.

20-05-2010: Puppydiary has been updated (see females-whisper-offspring).

11-05-2010: Last weekend we were at the VDH Europasieger show and National show of Dortmund (DE). The Europasieger show is one of the main dogshows of Germany. There were a nice number of minpins entered from several countries. It was nice to see so many different types. This weekend turned out to be very successful for us; Bjorn was shown in veteran class for the first time and won 2 x Vet-CAC with very nice critics from both judges. On the 2nd day he even managed to end up with the best 3 minpins for choosing Best of Breed. Viva impressed many by winning the juniorclass on both days and now has 2 x Junior-CAC's. And she won the title of "VDH Europa Jugend Sieger 2010". On the 2nd day she too managed to end up with the best 3 minpins of the breed! We also did an eye-examination with Viva and the result was "free".

30-04-2010: Last week an ultrasound showed us that Whisper is pregnant :o). From now on a weekly update will appear in a puppydiary, see "females-whisper-offspring".

22-04-2010: New pictures added to the photo-galerie of Viva (Females-Viva-Photo's).

19-04-2010: New pictures added to the page of Viva.

18-04-2010: At the international dogshow of Goes (NL) Viva became best female with CAC and on top of that she became BEST OF BREED!! Viva has now won with an age of 13 months, enough cac's to be Dutch champion, however she has to wait 14 months before she can finish the title.

28-03-2010: At the international dogshow of Luxembourg Viva won the juniorclass and is now LUXEMBOURG JUNIOR CHAMPION!!

27-03-2010: Mating has happened between Whisper and Lorenzo, now we hope to have puppies in week 21!

21-03-2010: At the international dogshow of Leiden (NL) Viva became reserve Best Female with Res.CAC. But the best female is already Dutch champion and therefore the CAC will be passed on to Viva and so now Viva already has 2 CAC's on her name!

08-03-2010: Superresults from the International dogshow in Groningen (NL) this weekend; Viva won again the juniorclass with JUN-CAC and is now DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION!! She gained this title a day before her 1st birthday and only in 3 Dutch shows. Besides this she also became reserve best female with res.CAC. Huge congrats also to co-owner Marika and breeder Galina.

25-02-2010: Puppy-page is updated!

08-02-2010: At the international dogshow of Eindhoven (NL) we had super-results again; Viva won the junior-class and so she now has 2 jun-CAC's. Whisper surprisingly became Best Female and on top of that she became Best of Breed!!

24-01-2010: As a kind of tradition every year we also went to the clubmatch of Waalwijk (NL) this year. Viva became Best Female and Best of Breed!

11-01-2010: At the first show of the new year, the INT. show of Hoogstraten (B), Whisper became Best Female with CAC/CACIB and on top of that she became BOB! Viva did great as well and became BOB Junior.

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