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20-12-2009: At the last show of this year, the Christmasshow of Wijchen (NL) Viva had her debut in juniorclass and what a great start she had; she won the juniorclass and got "Jun-CAC" and at the same time she became "Best Female with CAC"!
Now that the showyear is over we can also announce that Whisper has won the "VFLD Yearprize 2009". This means that she is the best female of the Dutch minpinclub (which also includes the Affenpinscher and Austrian Pinscher).
2009 was a year with great successes (among others 3 x Champion titles and several BOB's) but also with facing a great loss (our first love Wesley).
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will look forward to what the New Year will bring us.

29-11-2009: This year we had entered 3 dogs for the Winnershow of Amsterdam (NL); Bjorn became Reserve Best Male with Res.CAC/Res.CACIB and Whisper became Reserve Best Female with Res.CAC/Res.CACIB. But the best result came from Viva: she became "Puppy-Winner'09" and BOB-Puppy and later in the mainring she became BIS-3 Puppy!! Huge congrats to breeder Galina and co-owner Marika! This was Viva's last show in puppyclass. What a great way to end!

23-11-2009: This year at the annual clubshow of the VFLD (minpinclub) we only entered 2 dogs; Viva and Meri. Viva did a great job and got Very Promising with again an excellent judge report and later that day she became Best Puppy in Show! Meri had strong competition in her class but became classwinner with EXC.1.

08-11-2009: At the international dogshow of Bleiswijk (NL) Bjorn became reserve best male with Res.CAC and CACIB. Viva became BOB puppy with excellent critics from the judge.

26-10-2009: We are back from a 2 weeks holiday in winterly Austria and got great news in the meantime: at the World dogshow in Bratislava Wesley's son "Multatuli Total Effect" became JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2009!! Huge congrats to breeder Natali Zorina from kennel Multatuli and to the owner Natalia Stepanchikova from kennel Duvinal. At the same show Viva's father "Telem Bat-Chen" became WORLD WINNER 2009 and BOB!! Huge congrats to breeder Berger Shimpson (kennel Bat-Chen) and owner Marina Sergeeva (kennel Malagris).

04-10-2009: At the international dogshow of Zwolle (NL) Gabber won the res.CAC and res.CACIB.

29-09-2009: At the international dogshow of Maastricht (NL) our new girl Viva became BOB-puppy, handled by her breeder Galina Kulikova. The next day at the Belgian Pinscher&Schnauzer clubshow Viva was again showed by Galina and she became BOB-Puppy and later in the mainring she became BIS-3 Puppy. Later that afternoon Galina and I met on the show and I could finally take our new girl in my arms.
Galina; I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to get this very promising little girl!

22-09-2009: Very soon we will welcome our new family member "Viva" into our home. Viva (Semper Ante Forget-Me-Not) is bred by Galina Kulikova from kennel Semper Ante in Kaliningrad (Russia) and in co-operation with my good friend Marika Lehtonen from kennel Aurra Sing in Finland we got the oportunity to import this very promising young girl to Europe. For now she will stay with us and will be shown regurlarly on shows. THANK YOU very much Galina for letting us have this beautiful little sweetheart. And THANK YOU my dear friend Marika for making this co-ownership possible.

15-09-2009: At the anual ISPU show which was held this time in Holland we had super results again. Both Gabber and Whisper won the "ISPU-SA" and now they have enough points to call themselves "ISPU Klubwinner 2009". Besides this, Gabber became best male and is now "ISPU WINNER 2009" and Whisper became reserve best female and is "VICE ISPU WINNER 2009".

08-09-2009: Today the very last puppies of our Wesley were born at kennel "v. Majori's Donk". Mother is Indy v. Majori's Donk and it's 1 b/t male & 1 b/t female.

07-09-2009: At the international show of Luxembourg (L) Whisper became Best Female with CACL and CACIB and on top of that she became LUXEMBOURG CHAMPION!

30-08-2009: At the international show of Rotterdam (NL) Whisper became Best Female and Best of Breed. :o)

07-08-2009: HEAVEN HAS GOT A NEW STAR :O(.
Last Wednesday, on a much to young age we had to say goodbye to our biggest pride and joy, our first love, our dear Wesley! We miss you very much, nothing is the same anymore, but there will come a day we will meet again on the other side of the rainbowbrigde.
Rest in peace dear Wes!
(More details see males -> wesley).

10-07-2009: Picture-gallery of most dogs updated with new pics, puppies expected after our Wesley (see Wesley, offspring).

06-07-2009: At the international show of Echt (NL), Gabber became Best Male with CAC/CACIB. Whisper became reserve best Female with Res.CAC/Res.CACIB. Leevi became BOB-Puppy and Meri won EXC.1 in Intermediate class.

07-06-2009: Normally I do not publish show results of the offspring of our males but in this case I gladly make an exception ;o)
At the Pinscher & Schnauzer Speciality in Finland Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch), daughter of our Wesley, became best female and BOB and on top of that she became BEST IN SHOW!! As far as they can tell it is the first time ever a minpin won BIS at this show!! HUGE CONGRATS we say to breeder Marika (kennel Aurra Sing) and owner Susa (kennel Didaktic's) for this magnificent result. We and daddy Wesley are very proud of beautifull Wiwi :o)

02-06-2009: At the national dogshow of Arnhem Wesley won his first "veteran-cac" in Holland. Besides that he became best male, BOB-veteran and BOB. Whisper became best female. Wesley and Whisper also competed in couple class and became BEST COUPLE OF THE DAY!!!

19-05-2009: Last weekend we were at the international dogshow of St. Gallen (CH) and again we scored super results with our dogs; on the 1st day Wesley became Best Male with CAC/CACIB and on the 2nd day he even became BOB...and that at his age (8 years)...."still going strong". Whisper managed to become Best Female on the 1st day with CAC/CACIB and is now SWISS CHAMPION. On top of that she became BOB. On the 2nd day she became Best Female. HUGE CONGRATS to breeder Marika :o)

11-05-2009: At the national dogshow of Alkmaar (NL) we had 4 dogs with us; Leevi became BOB-baby and got a super judge report, Wesley became Best Male, Whisper won EXC.1 in Championclass and Meri had her show-debut and started off with becoming Reserve Best Female and won RCAC.

03-05-2009: For the 3rd time Whisper had an eye-examination and the result is again "Healthy". Also Meri had an eye-examination and also she got the remark "Healthy".

28-04-2009: On the International dogshow of Goes, Gabber became Best Male and Best of Breed.

06-04-2009: On the International dogshow of Antwerp (B) Whisper became best female with CAC/CACIB and Best of Breed. Leevi became again Best baby of Breed.

24-03-2009: On the National dogshow of Wieze (B) Whisper became best female with CAC and with this result she now is BELGIAN CHAMPION! Wesley became reserve best male. Also little Leevi had his showdebut in babyclass and he did great: he became Best baby of Breed and in the mainring he was selected with the best 6 babies of the show (22 babies of different breeds were in the mainring). What a great start of his career, and only 15 weeks old! Thank you Marika for these 2 magnificent dogs :o)

16-03-2009: At the international dogshow of Leiden (NL) Gabber became best of breed. Whisper became resevere best female with res.CAC and CACIB.

25-02-2009: At the international dogshow of Fribourg (CH) Whisper became on Saturday best female with CAC/CACIB and on Sunday she became reserve best female with CAC/res.CACIB.

24-02-2009: Today we got the news that Whisper ended as 4th best pinscher in Austria in 2008 in the "showcup competition".

10-02-2009: At the International show of Eindhoven (NL) Gabber won the CAC/CACIB and Whisper won res.CAC/res.CACIB.

28-01-2009: Today we got a message from Russia with the news that the puppies of Malagris Ochey Ocharovanie were born. Bjorn became father of 2 males and 1 female. Huge congrats to Galina Kulikova from kennel "Semper Ante" (see offspring Bjorn).

26-01-2009: Last Saturday I went to Helsinki (FIN) to pick up our new boy: "Aurra Sing Copyright". We very much would like to thank Marika, the breeder of Leevi, kennel Aurra Sing, for letting us have this very promising male. And we want to thank Taru Hart from kennel Baron Castle for her hospitality and nice meal.

19-01-2009: Today the puppies of Boomer (Astor van Tilburgs Roem x Lidy van Tilburgs Roem) were born. Bjorn is the proud father of 4 males and 2 females. Big congratulations to family de Rooy Eversdijk (see offspring Bjorn).

17-01-2009: At the clubshow of a regional dogclub (KV Waalwijk) Wesley & Whisper became 4th best couple of the day. Individual judging did not went so well this time. Apparently the judge searched for the "perfect" dog without "mistakes"!

13-01-2009: Time really flies. Today our black girl (Whisper) became 3 years. Thank you once again Marika, for this black devil.

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