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19-06-2022: "to love is also to let go...." Last Friday we have made the difficult decision to let Whisper go. She had the respectacle age of 16,5 years! She was mostly blind and deaf in the last 1-2 years but that never kept her from reaching her goal and she still enjoyed her daily walks. But a year ago her kidneys began to fail and we gave her medicines for that. We knew that it would only help for a certain period but hoped it would last for as long as possible. A couple of months ago we noticed again that she was losing her apitite more and more. She began the drink more and refused her snacks every so often. These things only got worse as weeks passed by and whatever we try to give her as in different food, she refused it more and more. It was clear to us that she didn't feel well and that there was nothing we could do anymore other then to let her go ......"no longer by our side, but forever in our hearts....."

10-05-2022: Last weekend we were at the dogshow of Gent (B). This time Misha and Viva were entered. Misha was not really the favorite of the judge and got a VG3. Viva has won pretty much all that is possible in our limits but as she likes to show so much I entered her once more. She did great and the judge was impressed by her condition with 13 years. She became BOB-Veteran.

15-04-2022: The covid pandamic seems to be under control and slowly the dogshows are started up again, usually without restrictions, as we have been used too before the pandamic. However we do see that it's not really crowded with exhibitors or visitors at shows. Surely this is caused by the fact that people are still a bit cautious due to the pandamic but it has most certainly also have to do with the rising prizes (due to the Ukranian war) which make people think twice whether or not they should enter for a dogshow. This also applies to us. I will still go to some dogshows but I will be more selective of my choice which show to participate or not.
A dogshow I usually always attend to is Antwerpen (B) which is held in April, in fact last weekend. Misha became best b/t male with CAC and won also res.CACIB. Veera became BOB VETERAN and is now BELGIAN VETERAN CHAMPION.


21-01-2022: A nice surprice we got today from the Dutch kennelclub; as of December 2021 there is a new title; Grand Champion, an honor title for dogs that have won the junior championtitle as well as the adult champion title and veteran championtitle and retrospectively. This means that our Whisper, Viva and Veera are now GRAND CHAMPION!

01-01-2022: A happy and healthy 2022 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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