13/01/2006 - 17/06/2022

Whisper 16 years

Whisper 13 years, still likes to hike towards the top of the mountain (2019 Serfaus, Austria)

"Magnificent female...
...beautiful feminine total image."
Judge Rob Douma, Netherlands.
"She is an "Eye-catcher" in the ring."
Judge Christine Rossier, Switserland.
"7 years old, in topcondition."
Judge Seamus Oates, Irland.

Patella Luxation examination: No remarks
Eyes screened: healthy (19-04-2007)
Eyes screened: healthy (02-05-2008)
Eyes screened: healthy (02-05-2009)
Eyes screened: healthy (15-10-2010)

1 x
1 x
6 x
9 x
52 x
18 x
24 x
14 x
18 x
(NL, B, D)
15 x
12 x
1 x

BIS BABY - CACIB Show Hulten 2006 (12 entries)
BIS-3 BABY - CAC Show Almere 2006 (20 entries)
Lokerse Puppywinner 2006

Dutch Veteran Champion
Belgium Veteran Champion
Luxembourg Veteran Champion
Benelux Veteran Champion
German VDH Veteran Champion
Grand Champion NL


Dutch Champion
Belgian Champion
German Champion
German VDH Champion
Austrian Champion
Swiss Champion
International Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
Luxembourg Junior Champion
Swiss Junior Champion
German Club Champion
Austrian Club Champion 2008
Vice Europasieger 2008
ISPU Klubsieger 2009
Vice ISPU Winner 2009

Third best female Miniature Pinscher of the Netherlands in 2006
Best Miniature Pinscher of the Netherlands in 2007
Austrian Showcup Winner 2007
(=Best Pinscher of Austria in 2007)
3th Best Miniature Pinscher of the Netherlands in 2008
4th best pinscher Austrian Showcup 2008
Best Miniature Pinscher Female of the Netherlands 2009

Best female Clubmatch V.F.L.D. 2006
Junior Winner & Winner Amsterdam 2006
Bundessieger Austria 2007
Limburgs Junior Winner 2006
Hopprincess 2007
Golden Winner 2007
Lokerse Winner 2007
Brussels Winner 2007
Landessiegerin Thüringen 2007
Crufts qualification 2007/2008
BIG-3 Clubmatch KV Waalwijk 2008
Hopqueen 2009
Brabo Winner 2009

Ambiorix Veteran Winner 2014
VDH Europa Veteran Sieger 2014
Lokerse Veteran Winner 2014
Benelux Veteran Winner LU 2014
Benelux Veteran Winner NL 2014
VDH Bundes Veteran sieger 2014
BEST IN SHOW VETERAN Championclubshow V.F.L.D. 2014
VDH Europa Veteran Sieger 2015
Lokerse Veteran Winner 2015
Benelux Veteran Winner BE 2015
Belgian Veteran Winner 2015
Lokerse Veteran Winner 2016
Belgian Veteran Winner 2016
Benelux Veteran Winner BE 2016

And now the end is near
The day has come, the day we fear
Your kidneys are giving up on you
There is not much we can do
You are as good as deaf and can heardly see
You don't seem to mind, or is this what we want to see
Your mind is still so clear, your heart still beets strong
But we cannot be selfish, that feels wrong
Although your nose guides you through the day
We know there is no other way
More and more you didn't feel fine
For us this is a clear sign
The last few weeks the cathouse was your favorite place to be
I guess this was your way of telling us to let you free
To love is also to let go, they say
So there now is only one way

Your life with us have been so long
It's hard to except you are now gone
Up till the end your were a sweet but stubborn lady
We will never have another one like you, well .. who knows...maybe
You will be greatly missed, that's what we have to endure
You leave a pawprint on our hearts, that's for sure
I guess there is not much more to say
Except I hope to see you again, some day.....

You were our very first female, surprisingly came into our lives as you were the daughter of our angel Wesley and were still available.
You are the reason we started to breed. The kennel is named after you.
We have traveled to many shows and you have been very succesfull in 6 countries.
From the very beginning you knew what you wanted, very stuborn, strong-headed but that was exactly that what we loved about you.
And up till the end you showed us what you wanted and what not. Inspite of your stuborn character you have tollerated each and every dog that came into our household,
wheter it was permanently or just a guest...they all respected you and you really didn't had to do much to accomplice this.
You have been in our lives for so long, it will take time to accept you're no longer around. Now you will be with your dad again, with whom it all started one day.
Say hi to Bjorn & Gabber as well ....till we meet again.....

Once more we like to thank Marika for bringing our dear angel into our lives 16 years ago.
She has been an amazing lady with the best personallity ever!; stubborn, fearless, independent, friendly and more...

"Marika: thank you so much for letting us have this beautiful girl. For us this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a daughter of our Wesley out of a combination where the parents are so equal in every way! It’s a dream coming true."